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Agenda X In4mation X The Hundreds

30 Jun

In celebration of Agenda’s first tradeshow in  New York City,  Agenda is releasing three limited edition Flexfit hats – the first hat is designed by Agenda, while the other two have been created in collaboration with two of the industry’s strongest brands, In4mation and The Hundreds. The hats feature familiar color-schemes coupled with unique design touches that pay homage to the great city of New York.

Now we wait for Agenda to come visit Toronto.

Nike SB Dunk Highs “Chrome Ball Incident”

30 Jun

Here is a sample of the new July 2010 Nike SB collection. These are Dunk Highs are called the “chrome ball incident”  and it’s inspired by the iconic Neil Blender-designed Airwalk Enigma skate shoe from the 80s. The shoes feature plenty of sueded goodness all around the shoe with different shades of yellow and brown. The Swoosh is patented black leather.

The scissor logo represent  the times when skaters would cut down their hi-tops, making them mids for a more comfortable riding experience.

Banksy from Glastonbury

30 Jun

Here is some new Banksy stencils from The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.

I also posted some Banksy as seen in Toronto from May 2010. If you’re around  near Adelaide St. and Spadina Ave., or Church and Front Sts. you can get a peek at the ones I posted.

Money in the Banksy.

Air Jordan 6 Infrared Pack- Sneakerpicks

29 Jun

I finally came around to blog about sneakers.

Originally, sneakers were going to be my main topic/subject of interest for this blog space.

My first post wasn’t about sneakers though, it was about a shirt I liked. I wasn’t sure whether i could dedicate an entire site to sneakers. I didn’t own many pairs myself, so i was hesitant to blog about something that I had limited knowledge in.  As the days progressed I lost that focus that was my main drive to begin blogging in the first place.

Now, I decided to start and dedicate a segment called SneakerPicks for the site. It’s an integrated portion that will feature my favourite shoe of the week. The shoe will most likely be a newly released pair within the recent months.

This week, I chose the Air Jordan Infrared pack. In my opinion, this is a very solid pack which features one of the best Jordans that has ever come out, the VIs. I love these shoes because they’re infrared, and almost everyone loves infrared. I own  Infrared Air Max 90s, and I have worn them to death. These would be a nice replacement.

So the shoes come in a double decker box, the same concept as the “Toro Bravo” Jordan V pack (which I like more). So the boxes slide out one by one to reveal each pair enclosed in antistatic bags to prevent discolouration in the icy soles.

The pack comes with a white leather and black leather pair of Jordan VI’s. Both pairs look sick, together in a pack, they are ridiculous. Retro shoes have been very popular because they give people a second chance at copping a pair. The bad thing is that the re-releases are usually expensive, making most people who buy the shoes more prone to locking them up their boxes (I’m guilty of that).  However, this is an entirely different subject altogether.  What I meant to say was that these Jordan’s look great on feet, so wear them proudly on dry sunny days and prepare for a whirlwind of neck-breaking.

Vans Sk8 Hi 2010 (wingtips!)

29 Jun

A new Japan exclusive pack of Vans Sk8 Hi’s has been released. The Medallion Pack consists of a brown and a black colorway of the classic high top sneaker. It features wingtip accents from the toe box and through the eyelids of the sneaker. The brown leather laces really add the additional hint of sophistication that Vans Fans rarely witness. The gold print on the tongue really sets off the overall look of the shoe, bridging skate with business styles.

Like I said before, its all about the details.

I want them, almost as much as Cookie Monster wants cookies and Oscar the Grouch wants spoiled tuna salad that has been sitting out for days.

*Don’t pay any attention to the black colourway. They’re  boring.

A Triple Threat Design

29 Jun

On my spare time I create designs. Pretty much everything, inspired by the city and through my interactions. A conversation with a friend could lead me to designing a Street Fighter 4 poster, etc. This design I created was for a company called The Triple Threat and it was an entry for a contest which has been going on for quite a while.

Anyways, I thought it would be cool to post it. It features Toronto’s city landscape and a local Toronto skateboarder.

Cutler & Gross Sunglasses

29 Jun

The new Cutler & Gross Fall/Winter 2010 sunglass collection has arrived.

For those who have a grotesque wart on the bridge of your nose, worry no more!

For those who want to look like Confucius in the year 2011, this is for you!

For those who are wondering where these are available, please stop reading my blogs.

Get out…


oh, where is the exit? I know its tricky, umm. You see those stairs there, you go down to the third floor and make a right. At the end of the hall there is another set of doors, but before reaching those there is a single door with a push bar on the left. Just go right through, up those stairs and next to the elevators is an office where…

…You know what, just click the x at the top right hand of this window.


29 Jun

These dolls are modern meets tradition. Every aspect of a traditional Daruma doll is represented: white eyes, red robe, round shape. These characteristics are common to all Daruma dolls but it is up to the artist to interpret the figure.  Bape has produced cool renditions. Although the style and pattern lack originality (Bape Camo on… everything), the concept is nice. I’m glad Bape did it; it shows that they are still in touch with what is important to their Japanese roots, an elegant, delicate combination of new mixed with old.

A little rundown for you Daruma amateurs:
Daruma dolls were created as good luck charms given out by priests. The luck were said to wear off within a year so people had to buy new ones annually to reap its benefits. Daruma came with blank white eyes. The receiver would draw in an eye when they began decided upon a goal they wanted to attain and they filled the other eye when they accomplished that goal. The daruma were also rounded and hallow so that they wouldn’t completely tip over. They were made to just roll around and end up in the upright position again. This symbolized perseverance, falling down and getting back up. The red colour symbolized the power to cure illness and strength. Red was the colour of the high priest’s robe which his duties were those described before.


Maps: Korea

28 Jun

I found these pictures from a magazine in Korea called Maps.

The art running through the magazine advertises for Nike Sportswear and is pretty awesome.

The characters are like the ghosts of demons or demon ghosts.

Lions, Tigers, Dhosts, oh my! (clap for lame joke)

Naked and Famous, Wired

28 Jun

Naked and famous produced stainless steel jeans. Well, only 10% of the jeans are made from Riken steel. Apparently the steel was incorporated to create harder creases in the jeans (yeah, non of that pre-creased stuff) and not for making people feel more like Iron Man.

*My suggestions: do not wear these to the airport and do not practice butt flexing in these jeans. No one wants creases in places where crease marks are questionable. Wait, why would you be butt flexing in jeans anyway.

**My new suggestion: butt flex naked in front of a mirror, it’s the only way you can watch your progress.