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Ursus Bape Fall/Winter2010

12 Jul

Two new sneakers from the URSUS Bape Fall/Winter 2010 Collection  have officially been released. The Apesta Duck Hi and the Apesta Duck Lo come in navy and black canvas with all over embroidery details in white. If anyone can tell me what the details are of or what they represent, that would be nice. Right now, they remind me of a variant of the Chanel symbol…

Overall, they don’t really appeal to me. Nothing too special, just Plain Jane stuff.

Bape is Ambush’d

25 Jun

Here is some Ambush X Bape stuff.  Verbal is 1/2 of m-flo and 1/4 Teriyaki Boyz, Ambush is his clothing label.

So the collab is kind of an inevitable match considering how the Teriyaki Boyz are practically partners with A Bathing Ape; they have their own milo characters and are always wearing Bape.

So the collab is cool, they have lighters, tees and jewelery so far. Nothing extraordinary coming from these labels but the items are unique and pretty special nevertheless.

My personal favourite is the lighter, who wouldn’t want a toy lookin’ lighter?

The necklace is a bit old, we’ve seen that before whether it was originated by Ambush or not. They are everywhere. But its still nice the differences people can bring to a fading or growing item. I think  its the gold chain for this piece.

I’ll post some more stuff from Ambush/Verbal in the future- he’s an interesting guy who is sort of full of himself.

I’m Ego-Friendly… I mean Eco

25 Jun

Here is  Pharrell x Moncler collaboration collection at Paris’ Colette. This eco-friendly collection is a step forward to sustainable clothing without sacrificing style. Not everything Pharrell Williams touches turns into gold, but this collection is creative and fun. Everything is modeled after bulletproof vests.  I really like the evergreen forest print. It’s not something I would wear unless I was a celeb, but its better than a regular overdone Bape camo.

I think Pharrell’s influence from his new musical collab with The Game wore-off on his design perspective. Can’t blame a man who looks good in a puffy bulletproof vest though

Check out hypebeast for more: http://hypebeast.com/2010/06/pharrell-williams-moncler-collection-colette/