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Daft Punk Helmet

26 Jul

Since I was in a Daft Punk X Tron mood today, I found this video of a guy constructing the Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet of Daft Punk.

What an epic feat- and it looks friggin awesome.

Daft Punk X Tron X Bearbrick

26 Jul

With Daft Punk producing the official soundtrack to the movie, the team up between Medicom (Bearbrick), the electro duo and TRON is of course perfect. They worked on both Bearbricks and Kubrick sets in all sizes, ranging from 100%, 400% to 1000% and even larger sizes. Check out just how big they are in the pics, ridiculous.

The music doesn’t resemble the electro funk music Daft Punk normally produces, but I guess it’s because it’s part of the motion picture score and rather the music album. Nevertheless, not bad.