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Kid Cudi feat. kanye West: Erase me (MV)

15 Oct

Here is the new video from Kid Cudi feat. kanye West- Erase Me.
It features both of them in a 70’s themed hippie/disco concert. Mc Lovin from Superbad and Dale from Greek also have a guest appearance as the drummer and bassist. It’s one of my favourite videos out now, I think it’s because Cudi really doesn’t take himself seriously.

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West = Erase Me

2 Jul

I usually don’t post music but this song is the shit.

I loop it over and over again, it doesn’t get old.  It’s Cudi doing his thing plus a little singing at the chorus. Kanye doesn’t add much, but it never hurts to add a bit of Yeezy.

Just listen, you’ll know what I mean.

Download Link:

Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West – Erase Me (Radio Rip)