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Daft Punk Helmet

26 Jul

Since I was in a Daft Punk X Tron mood today, I found this video of a guy constructing the Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo helmet of Daft Punk.

What an epic feat- and it looks friggin awesome.

The Vader Projek

13 Jul

This past Saturday on July 10th, The Vader Project had an auction at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia. Over 100 customized Darth Vader helmets were auctioned off at approximately $3,000 each. Its not a surprise why Vader was the center subject to this auction show. He’s a damn icon, whether it be representing evil, fatherhood, or asthma, he is definitely one badass Sith. So, it comes as no surprise why some of these works of art fetched upwards of 5k a peice, all in a life’s work of an artist.