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Original Fake Sticker Set

28 Jul

OriginalFake has released a new set of stickers from it’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. The new set of stickers features new graphics from KAWS, some of which have already been seen on new pieces from the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. The set of stickers is available now at OriginalFake retailers including Paris’ colette.

Complex Magazine X Lindsay Lohan (Jail Bait)

20 Jul

Alright, I’m only posting this up because Lindsay Lohan is heading to jail/in jail today (depending on when you read this). It’s funny. Aside from that, Kaws is featured in the spread (not her spread, but in the photoshoot…). How did this project even come to be? There’s only one explanation: Drugs. I just answered everything.

Try to enjoy the pics, and if you never want to visit this blog again , I totally understand. Say hi to your Mom for me.

Kaws does Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

28 Jun

Check it out, legendary design artist Kaws puts his own spin on the famous movie characters Pinocchio and Jiminy the Cricket in toy form (by spin I meant added his signature skull heads and Xs for eyes). Pretty creative…*nose grows*