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What I think about NetFlix Canada: It Sucks so far…

27 Sep

NetFlix was just introduced and made available in Canada!!! Sweet, unlimited streaming of hit TV shows like The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, The Office, Modern Family etc. Not only that, Free new released movies!

Canadians have a hard time getting all of the awesome programing that Americans have/had at their fingertips for quite some time now. I want TiVO, but can’t have it. I want Hulu, but that’s not happening (yet) either. I wanted NetFlix, but that hasn’t happened… until now!!!

Lord had mercy and it’s here. A little bit of American convenience at a low price of 7.99 a month. Yup, that’s cheaper than getting a Megavideo subscription, and it’s all legal. Good bye Surf the Channel, hello NetFlix heaven! It was nice waiting 74 minutes before being able to watch another movie/show for free.
Farewell bad quality streaming. Hello HD.

What’s this? it’s free to join for a trial month right now? Even better! Why wouldn’t I try it out? Why wouldn’t anyone try it out?

Four words: Shitty SHitty Bang Bang.

NetFlix is a pile of vomit. Scratch out everything I said about NetFlix above, that was based on the American site. Here is the Canadian review. It doesn’t have any of the new shows that anyone would be willing to pay to watch (like the shows mentioned above). They have past season’s episodes of the oldest shows in history (exaggerating a bit here), and none of the newest ones. They don’t even have The Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld. The newest show they have available is Mad Men. Next to that, Heroes. Next to that, Veggie Tales, Barney, The L word and a fist full of other crap that 3 year olds would even pass up.
Furthermore, the movies are old too. You know what’s featured right now? How High, starring Red Man and Method Man. WTF, that flick is from 2001. What ever happened to 2009? You may think I’m pick and choosing here, but this is what is featured on the front page as of Monday September 27th: The Wild Stallion, Delgo, The Missing Lynx, Dragon hunters, CJ7, Under Still Waters, Summer’s Moon, FarCry. If you have heard of any of these movies, you should shoot yourself in the foot. If you have watched any of these movies, you should jump off a building.

What are these movies? Are these straight to internet movies? These are the lesser flicks that didn’t even get onto DVD. It makes me sad to see it go down like this. When I first heard that Netflix was in Canada, I was happy. I wanted to save money on cable, watch whatever and whenever I wanted, and best of all, in HD on my TV through my Xbox.

All of those things aren’t happening. I can’t watch anything I want to watch and Netflix isn’t available on XBOX, only PS3 and Wii, WTF.

However, if you like low rated movies with no substance and no character development from the early 90s, Netflix is certainly the way to go. To compliment the dust collected movie selection, you have old tv shows that you’re children will slap you in the face for.

The Verdict: Wait. With time, I’m sure it’ll get a bit better or a lot better. It’s only been a week or so. Within an year, it’ll be just as good as the American counterpart. It’s like with everything, we are always trying to be more American because it’s the only way we can consume what we want when we want. If it were up to Rogers, Digital TV would be the peak and plateau of our viewing pleasures.

For now, NetFlix Sucks really really badly. I apologize Megavideo, will you ever forgive me?