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OMNVRS (Omnivorous): Champs Among All Tee (Second Assault)

7 Sep

+++Designs at the Bottom of the Page+++
The third tee (and newest design) is my second offering to the public eye into The Omnvrs Brand.
Here I was influenced by the movie Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox (Marty from Back to the Future). If you’re not familiar with the flick, shame on you. Do me and yourself a favor, and go visit netflix and get this movie. The werewolf hand, moon and trophy are all inspired by the Canadian actor’s iconic role in the film (yup, he’s a werewolf… that plays hardcore basketball… in highschool… no biggie).

Movie aside, I included my OMNVRS logos within the design for additional graphic elements and branding purposes. Our slogan “Underestimated/Overperformed” and “Build & Break” are both featured around the emblem. The basic theme is highschool/academia based, which is the general encompassing theme of the first tee collection being offered by Omnvrs Brand. Of course signature tees are also planned during the launch, but most will bare this theme which reflects highschool society and my experiences during these… precious moments of my life.

Captain of the Cool Kids
OMNVRS Brand Apparel.

Omnvrs: Live/Love City Tee (Firstlook)

4 Sep

So here is the first tee that I conceptualized after deciding upon my brand name and logos.
It features Toronto’s cityscape as a background silhouette with a Live/Love slogan in retro-new colors in the forefront. The Omnvrs logo, Live/Love motto and Toronto name are printed on the backside of the shirt.

The tee pays tribute to Toronto life and our love of the city for building its unique culture and social space. The experiences shaped in this city are unlike any other, and it’s about time Toronto gets a shout out from it’s people who are proud to represent their home in the form of art and fashion.

Finally… OMNVRS Brand: Understated/OverPerformed

3 Sep


So it’s been quite a while since my last actual post (a post about myself, or an expression of my opinion). It was never my intention to create another one of those blogs that just updated it’s viewers on the newest news and upcoming releases. So far, I’ve been there and have done that for maybe a month or two. I dislike it because it’s impersonal and there are tonnes of other sites floating around that do the exact same things I’ve been doing, just unfiltered. Well, I hope to stray away from that style of blogging. How unoriginal…

That’s not to say that I will stop with the updates, THAT I will continue to do. From here on out, I’ll incorporate more of my opinion into each of my posts. I ensure to display my personality more as you’ve witnessed during the first month of CCKS’ initial launch.

Aside from this change, I at least owe an explanation as to why I’ve been absent or for the times that I have been absent.

Well, I’ve recently finished summer school and thus, also finishing my last year of ungrad at University. Yup, i graduated. So with the slew of exams, assignments blah blah blah, time was valuable and precious.
Secondly, and more importantly for my readers/followers, I’ve been working on starting my own clothing brand. As many of you know by following me and befriending me via Facebook and this blog, I have been getting much love and support for what I’ve been doing with CCKs. So much so, that I decided to pursue my passion for design and fashion. As many of you may not know, I have done this once before in my ripe years of high school. Well, maybe not ripe but ripening. I produced my own shirts, showed them off and to my surprise, sold a few as well. Of course back then, I never dreamed of carrying out my hobby. That was something that wouldn’t sit well as a career path with my parents, I’m sure many of you would agree and can relate. Needless to say, I stopped my shirt-producing micro-business and went on to study at University without thinking twice about it again. Well, that’s what I thought…

As time went by and as I got older over the years, I came across new brands and found older ones for the first time as well. I fell in-and-out of streetwear culture. I was always interested and have always recognized brands when they were worn around school, but it was always in the background and passive. My new found University friends weren’t in to streetwear, brands, labels, etc. either. That was the primary reason why I stopped caring as much as I used to. Secretly, I loved it still but I held it back and I felt less compelled to express myself through labels. It was good and bad, but I always enjoyed wearing brands I liked because I felt that I represented what they stood for and vice versa. Also, brands were and still are a status symbol, they reflect who we are and what we stand for. Sometimes they define our position in social settings and certainly project a level of social status, accordingly.

So, during my last year of University, I began to really wonder what I liked doing and what I could potentially do as a career rather than simply just a hobby. Nothing was clearer, I had to follow my dream and pursue my passion for design, clothing, art and urban/city life. So, after a few months, the growth of this blog and a few scrapped designs later, I finally created my brand and logo: OMNVRS (pronounced Omnivorous).

The philosophy, mission statement, and creation process will be revealed before I begin producing physical product. For now, I will be using the blog to display my ideas, rough and final shirt designs. Hopefully you guys will lend me a hand by offering constructive feedback, thoughts and opinions about each item I present. In essence, you get a sneak peak through my journey to becoming one of the first urban apparel brands originated in Toronto. My goal is to capture interest and spread awareness through word of mouth and word of social networks/media outlets. I hope that you like what I have to show.

So for now, just keep coming back to see the newest designs from OMNVRS and other updates on streetwear news. Feel free to ask me questions during this process. I’m looking forward to producing some shirts in the very near future. I have shirt designs finalized on my computer, I’m just organizing them into collections/lines and making them presentable.

As always, thanks so much for the support and remember- OMNVRS Brand is finally here.

-Captain of the Cool Kids,
Omnvrs Brand: Understated/Overperformed