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Jessica Alba GQ, in Hotness Back Again (video)

6 Oct

OH M Gee. What a great preview. Now we know where the baby fat went to… (her hotness).
Subscribing to GQ does have it’s perks.

Lady Gaga on Vogue Homme (looks like a man…)

26 Aug

This must come as a surprise to many, but issue 5 of Vogue Homme Japan has none other than Lady Gaga, alias Jo Calderone, on it. There are two cover versions, both featuring the female artist, looking very manly…
What doesn’t come as a surprise is that Gaga is able to pull it off and not seem abnormal.
The issue releases on September 5th.

Complex Magazine X Lindsay Lohan (Jail Bait)

20 Jul

Alright, I’m only posting this up because Lindsay Lohan is heading to jail/in jail today (depending on when you read this). It’s funny. Aside from that, Kaws is featured in the spread (not her spread, but in the photoshoot…). How did this project even come to be? There’s only one explanation: Drugs. I just answered everything.

Try to enjoy the pics, and if you never want to visit this blog again , I totally understand. Say hi to your Mom for me.