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Air Jordan 6 Infrared Pack- Sneakerpicks

29 Jun

I finally came around to blog about sneakers.

Originally, sneakers were going to be my main topic/subject of interest for this blog space.

My first post wasn’t about sneakers though, it was about a shirt I liked. I wasn’t sure whether i could dedicate an entire site to sneakers. I didn’t own many pairs myself, so i was hesitant to blog about something that I had limited knowledge in.  As the days progressed I lost that focus that was my main drive to begin blogging in the first place.

Now, I decided to start and dedicate a segment called SneakerPicks for the site. It’s an integrated portion that will feature my favourite shoe of the week. The shoe will most likely be a newly released pair within the recent months.

This week, I chose the Air Jordan Infrared pack. In my opinion, this is a very solid pack which features one of the best Jordans that has ever come out, the VIs. I love these shoes because they’re infrared, and almost everyone loves infrared. I own  Infrared Air Max 90s, and I have worn them to death. These would be a nice replacement.

So the shoes come in a double decker box, the same concept as the “Toro Bravo” Jordan V pack (which I like more). So the boxes slide out one by one to reveal each pair enclosed in antistatic bags to prevent discolouration in the icy soles.

The pack comes with a white leather and black leather pair of Jordan VI’s. Both pairs look sick, together in a pack, they are ridiculous. Retro shoes have been very popular because they give people a second chance at copping a pair. The bad thing is that the re-releases are usually expensive, making most people who buy the shoes more prone to locking them up their boxes (I’m guilty of that).  However, this is an entirely different subject altogether.  What I meant to say was that these Jordan’s look great on feet, so wear them proudly on dry sunny days and prepare for a whirlwind of neck-breaking.

Maps: Korea

28 Jun

I found these pictures from a magazine in Korea called Maps.

The art running through the magazine advertises for Nike Sportswear and is pretty awesome.

The characters are like the ghosts of demons or demon ghosts.

Lions, Tigers, Dhosts, oh my! (clap for lame joke)